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Womans Weekly 6th June 2006


Daily Telegraph 24th March 2007

Q Can you help me find a sealing gasket for my, admittedly old, Tower Presto pressure cooker, model 706B? U M, Teddington

A Try the following spares companies: (0870 4449873); (0161 7075843);;
or SJD Supplies, 66 Crossbush Road, Bognor Regis, West Sussex, PO22 7LY.
They all have a large number of Tower spares.

Daily Telegraph 6th October 2007

Q I have broken the jug of my Braun coffee-maker. Where can I get a replacement? RF, Stretton on Dunsmore

A See spares2go ( It stocks Braun spares but you will need the model number.


Be honest - what is your first thought when your dishwasher breaks down?

"Ah, now's my chance to buy that super new one I saw in town last week".

Well, you wouldn't be alone. But why do this? A new dishwasher may well look better.
It may have a lower energy rating and use a little less water,
but does this offset the carbon cost to the planet incurred in the manufacture of the new product?
The clear answer is "No, it doesn't".

So, what are the alternatives?
You could go back to washing up by hand - not an attractive idea.
You could call in a repair man, but this option is fraught with issues - How long until someone can come out?
- How much will they charge? - Are they reliable? - Will it be worth doing? - Will it go wrong again? Mmm - not simple, is it?

OR, how about you (or your hubby/son/neighbour) sort it out yourself?

This is not as daunting as you may first think.

There are many useful web sites today, specialising in the supply of spare parts for this, and all your other household electrical appliances. Many of them have very helpful articles on how to determine what the fault could be, and how to go about fixing it. And of course, they will be able to supply the part itself, normally very much cheaper than the cost of a replacement appliance. Some web sites will also email parts breakdown images to you for free. These can be exremely valuable when trying to diagnose the problem, and showing you how to go about replacing the offending part. They also often have links to other sites specialising in the repair of pretty much anything.

Consider this - Not only will you be helping your wallet and the planet, you will also be getting a great sense of personal achievment into the bargain!