Coffee Maker Diagnostics


The main problem suffered by coffee makers is hard water.
This causes them to scale up. The signs are clear: More steam than usual, and less water passing through to the jug. Sometimes, the machine will leak water out of the base. In this instance, a hose has probably been forced from it's union, or split due to feedback pressures caused by the scale blockage.
The cure can be the application of a descaler.
Other possible faults are:
Heater element failing (you will probably have an indicator light on, but no heat)
Thermostat failing - If the thermostat is cutting out too soon, the machine may still function, but not heat the water sufficiently for decently hot coffee. If it is cutting out too late, it will probably have blown the thermal link.
Thermal link failing - the machine will simply not heat the water if this happens - Symptoms will be similar to the heating element failing. The only way to determine which is at fault is to open the machine up and test each item with a meter.
The thermal link is a small, cylindrical item which is in line with the wiring to the heating element.

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