Dishwasher Diagnostics


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Only about 6 real problems with dishwashers.
The usual issue with hoses leaking
Heating element may fail. This will lead to the machine stopping part way through its cycle
Soap/rinse aid dispensor failing to open. Will need replacing
Seals around door sometimes split, or break up. They will need replacing
Pumps. There are 2 pumps in most dishwashers. The drain pump,( which describes itself -it pumps the water out of the machine.)
The recirculating pump which forces the water at high pressure through the spray nozzles and arms. (This is how the cleaning action is performed)
These pump may either leak, or burn out. Either way, the only solution is replacement.
Thermostats. If a thermostat fails on your dishwasher, you will get a similar effect as when the heating element fails. The obvious clue is no heating, but also the machine may not complete it's cycle.

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