Finding the model/serial number of your appliance

However, it is worth the effort in the long run, as you will be able to obtain the information required with much less hassle!

Below is a list of most standard appliances, and where the model/serial number usually "hides".

Breadmakers - On the underside, or sometimes under the lid/on the side.

Coffee Makers - On the underside.

Cookers - On a rating plate at the rear. Occasionally on the inner rim of the door/opening.

Cooker Hob - On the underside.

Cooker Hood - On the underside, or the side.

Cylinder Vacuum Cleaners - On the underside, or under the top cover/tool housing.

Dishwashers - On the rear.

Deep Fryers - On the underside.

Food Processors - On the underside, or occasionally, the front.

Fridges and Freezers - On the rear, or inside by the door opening.

Hand held mixers - Normally "hot stamped" into the body of the machine.

Irons - On the underside of the heel plate.

Kenwood Chef - On a metal plate inside the lower part of the body.

Kettles - On the underside of the body.

Microwaves - On the rear.

Mixers - On the underside of the main body .

Pressure Cookers - On the underside of the main body.On the handle. Sometimes stamped on the underside or outside rim of the lid .

Shavers - Either on the main body of the shaver under the foil head assembly, or stamped into the body, underneath the rotating head assembly.

Twin Tubs - On the rear.

Toasters - On the underside.

Upright Vacuum Cleaners - Often hidden between the 2 halves of the machine where it "breaks" to fold down. Also on the rear of the upright part of the body.

Washing Machines - On the rear, or the front, but occasionally on the inside of the porthole.