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Standard mains shavers generally only suffer 1 or 2 problems.
The motor or the transformer may fail. They are both replaceable at a quite reasonable cost.
Rechargeable shavers tend to have a particular problem i.e the cells (batteries) have a limited life.
This can be anything from 1 - 10 years. In most makes, these cells can be replaced by anyone a bit handy with a soldering iron. We will be pleased to provide more specific repair instructions when parts are purchased from us.
Both types of shavers however, have 2 problems in common - the foils and cutters need frequent replacing.
The Philips type of shaver tends to have a much longer life where these parts are concerned, but the parts are proportionally more expensive.
The Braun, Remington, Hitachi and Panasonic type tend to go through foils at a faster rate, but the parts are relatively inexpensive.

For further help with repairs, try www.howtomendit.com
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